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Tinkerbell, Fairy 3 Tier Cake

Published December 19, 2012 by Rubina
Tinkerbell Cake by Fairy Dust Delights

Tinkerbell Cake by Fairy Dust Delights

Somehow Tinkerbell has made quite an impression on some of our young ladies.

I had a request for a Tinkerbell, 3 tier ‘wow’ chocolate cake!

Quite a challenge when a 4 year old knows exactly what she wants and how she wants it!

This was my interpretation, and thankfully both she and her mom were not only impressed, but loved it!


Sugar Cookies!

Published September 24, 2012 by Rubina

I love cookies, I think they’re absolutely fabulous.

But… Yes, there’s a but..

I find that most people’s sugar cookie recipes tend to result in really hard cookies, and personally, I don’t relish chipping or breaking a tooth on a cookie!

So, I came out with my own recipe and the result is simply a fabulous soft cookie, which a lot of ladies have likened to shortbread. (But its not quite, 😉 )

I also mixed a special kind of icing to go on the cookie.

I do realise that it may seem very sweet, but its not actually. The cookie itself has minimal sugar and the icing makes up for the sweetness that the cookies lack.

I do think they’s be suitable for diabetics, without the icing of course.

Have a sweet, sparkly day

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