Biscuits Here, Biscuits There, Biscuits Everwhere!!

Published October 23, 2011 by Rubina

I’ve never been much of a biscuit baker, but for the past 2 weeks I’ve been doing just that! Baking biscuits!

I never realized how easy it was and with Diwali and Eid – ul – Adha as well as Christmas coming up, I’m sure I’ll be getting more busy with orders soon.

At between R200.00 and R250.00 a kilo, you can expect to have some wonderful biscuits available.

The Custard Biscuits and Coconut Biscuits as well as Spice Biscuits and Romany Creams seem to be selling quite well this far.

Have a look at the pictures for some ideas.

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  • Looks great.My daughter’s informal engagement party is coming up in May in the ballroom at The Rand Club.The theme is vintage and classical.What could you supply?No big cakes please.I need a variety of things for the tea table.Thanks.Shireen

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